NECO GCE Biology Practical Solution Answer – Nov/Dec 2017 Expo

NECO GCE 2017 Nov/Dec Biology Practical Answer and Solution to the questions. Verified expo answer


Experiment to demonstrate osmosis in a living tissue(Yam tuber)

A-The volume of the sugar solution in the yam tuber increases
B-The volume of water in the yam tuber remains unchanged

It serves as the semi-permeable membrane

Set up B serves as the control experiment

-Cellophane paper
-Pig bladder

-It makes osmo-regulation possible
-It enhances regulation of waterin the urinary tubules


I-Webbed digit
V-Nictating membrane


-Possesion of webbed digit for swimming
-Possesion of wide mouth for sieving and eating
-Possesion of long hind limb for escape


I-Neural spine
II-Neural arch
III-Neural canal
IV-Vertebraterial canal


E – Tomato fruit
F – Cowpea
G – Coconut fruit

E – Man
F – Explosive mechanism
G – Water

I – Stalk
II – Endocarp
III – Seed
IV – Seed
V – Endocarp
VI – Mesocarp



I – Head
II – Beak
III – Opening into the eye
IV – Wing cover
V – Foot
VI – Claw

II – for picking grains
III – To detect vibration
IV – For flight
VI – For scratching the sand or ground
VII – For steering during flight

I – Will not germinate
J – Will germinate
K – Will not germinate 

I – Water or moisture is absent.
J- Water is present as a factor for production.
K – Oxygen is absent 

K – Pyrogallic acid removes oxygen while sodium hydroxide removes carbon(iv)oxide.
J – Water aids swelling and activation of enzymes 

Sperm cell (spermatozoa) 

I – Acrosome
II – Nucleus.
III – Tail

I – Produces lytic enzymes for breaking the zona pellucida of the ovum.
III – It helps propel the sperm cell. 

(i) Starch test is negative
(ii) Because CO2, the substrate of starch has been removed.
(iii) It helps trap CO2.
(iv) It removes CO2 from the set-up.
(v)experiment to Show that Carboni
(vi) Oxide is Neccessary for Photosynthesis
(vii) N is the Control Experiment
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