WAEC 2018 Civic Education Obj and Essay/Theory Expo Answer

WAEC 2018 Civic Education







Ordirlines may be defined as an act of doin things accordingly or in a rightful manner.

1b) Obeying traffic ruled and regulation; It is important for us to obey traffic rules and regulations while driving. There is need for proper understanding of traffic signs.

– Decorum and listening skills; There are social etiquettes required of people when they are in public places or in social gathering like court, eatery, seminars, worship centres,etc. Social etiquettes are generally accepted ways of behaving in a social gathering. It is important to develop the culture of effective listening, particularly when you are having conversation with other people

– Queuing culture; Queuing is an important way to maintain orderliness in the society . There may be need for us to queue at some places where many people want to enjoy same services with us. This will help in letting things go in a well orderly manner.


1) The Law Court: Inter – communal conflicts can be resolved through the law court by using legal method. Any community that felt cheated can present her case in court

ii) Community leaders: Communal conflicts can be resolved by the leaders of the various communities like Obas, Obis, Emirs, Chief e.t.c.iii) Dialogue: The opposing communities can meet to map out how to resolve differences or dispute between them.
iv) Mediation: Government can set up special panel to mediate between communities in conflict.
v) Peace keeping force: special peace keeping force like army, airforce, navy mobile police e.t.c can be specially setup by government to restore peaceful situation in the communities such will help secure lives and properties of individual.



CONSTITUTED AUTHORITIES . Those powers which the constitution of each people has established to govern them, to cause their rights to be respected, and to maintain those of each of its members.
1. Constituted authorities maintain laws and order to bring about development in the society.
2. Constituted authorities work to ensure that rights of citizens or members of the society are protected.
3. Constituted authorities work to protect lives and properties of citizens or members of the society:
4. Religious constituted authorities direct the affairs of their societies and help members to be closer to God.
5. Constituted authorities ensure the people live in peace and harmony with one another,
6. They ensure orderliness in the state and help to settle dispute in the society. ============================
4 a )
1 . Methamphetamine
2 . Inhalants
3 . Steroids
4 . Cocaine
5 . Heroine
4 b )
1 . Increased Need for Privacy
2 . Lack of Anger Management Skills
3 . High Risk Taking
4 . Lack of Interest
5 . Depression
6 . Lying and other unethical behavior
7 . Defensiveness
4 c . 1 involving in odd vices such aslying and stealing to pay for your drug use
2 . High degree of tolerance for criminal behavior
3 . Financial problems due to High cost of drugs

4c. 1 involving in odd vices such aslying and stealing to pay for your drug use
2. High degree of tolerance for criminal behavior
3. Financial problems due to High cost of drugs



 (7a) i. Refusal to form or belong to a political party
ii. Refusal to register for voting
iii.Refusal to check one’s name in the voters’ registery
iv.Refusal to vote during election
V.Fighting at pollen boot/destruction of election materials

NO 7b
1. Bad Governance: When government doesn’t listen to the yearnings of the people, or is carefree about their feelings, there is bound to be general lack of interest towards activities of the government.
2. Election Rigging: Based of previous experiences in Nigeria, many citizens believe their votes don’t count as elections are continually rigged; thereby creating nonchalant attitudes towards further elections.
3. Past History of Political Occurrence: People who have some family members, friends or relatives who have been victims of political unrest, tend to withdraw from political activities.
4. Violent Campaign: Sometimes, the way political parties carry out their campaigns appears too violent and this can lead to
lack of interest in politics.
5. Military Invitation: past coup d’état is another reason why people exhibit apathy towards political activities.
6. Weak Security Measure
7. Chaotic Political Atmos

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